There are many industry reports that we respect and rely upon.  We often collaborate with certain research studies to shape the scope and topics that need greater attention.

Please contact us to bring attention to important work that you may be involved with that needs greater study.

Student Success

Visit the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA - is part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) which is a national longitudinal study of the American higher education system. It is regarded as the most comprehensive source of information on college students. Established in 1966 at the American Council on Education, the CIRP is now the nation’s largest and oldest empirical study of higher education, involving data on some 1,900 institutions, over 15 million students, and more than 300,000 faculty. CIRP surveys have been administered by the Higher Education Research Institute since 1973. The CIRP longitudinal program consists of the Freshman Survey (TFS) , Your First College Year (YFCY) Survey, Diverse Learning Environments Survey (DLE), and the College Senior Survey (CSS).

Student Life-Style & purchasing trends 

Since 1997, Student Monitor has published the only national, syndicated market research study of the college student market serving the needs of marketers targeting students as a consumer group or for recruitment including the Fortune 100, government agencies and non-profits.

Published twice annually, the LIFESTYLE & MEDIA study provides an in depth, comprehensive understanding of how students consume media, their consumer behavior, attitudes and interests.

Published each Fall, the COMPUTING & THE INTERNET study details student ownership, use and purchase intent of desktops and mobile devices. The study also examines in depth the role of the Internet in and out of the classroom.

Published each Spring, the FINANCIAL SERVICES study examines the Financial Services needs of college students including Personal Banking, Student Loans, Credit & Debit Cards and other Financial Services Products (investments, insurance). 

College Parents & Parenting

Founded in 1997, College Parents of America is the oldest and largest non-profit membership organized to serve the needs of college families.  The organization funds and conducts research to build insight into the importance of college families to increasing student success and college completion.   In addition to providing a panel of parents, the organization conducts a biennial survey of college parents and enables organizations to conduct focus groups of different populations parents from first-generation college families to non-english speaking parents the organization is the authority when it comes to hearing the voice of college parents.